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Hospitality Genie’s web-based catering software, is much more than a Menu Costing & Food Ordering system. 

Genie is intelligent, User friendly IT, that will help you deliver greater profits and efficiencies to your restaurant, catering, or aged care business!

Chris Hristov

System Developer

Chris Hristov 
Master – Computer Science, Software Development
Chris has been in the computer software industry for 18 years, building various desktop and web-based applications for small and middle-sized companies. 

Areas of expertise include:
Software as a Service(SaaS) development
Database designer and architect (SQL Server)
Chris is dedicated in building bespoke business solutions according to the individual needs of the customers. 

Kate Habkouk

Chief Executive Officer

Kate Habkouk
Kate is a highly experienced hospitality specialist with 25 years of frontline management in hospitality & tourism.
Kate has been involved at the grassroots level with development of the Hospitality and Aged Care Genie management systems, and has been integral to Genies success as a first class catering management system – for all levels of Users.
Kates management style is hands on and driven. Her primary objective is to assist Genie Users to get the best results from their use of the system and provide customers a direct link to our design and programming team.

Bob McGilvray

System Design & Support Manager

Bob McGilvray
Bob has been designing information systems for 35 years. His passion is developing systems that exactly match the user’s requirements, are flexible, and which evolve as the user’s needs change and mature.
Bob was lead designer for the UK’s leading information system (Web Bomic) for Drug & Alcohol Agencies in the UK, and has built up vast experience in other areas like HR, Medical/HIV, Hospitality and Aged Care.
Bob’s core strength is being able to talk to people from any type of business background, identify their requirements, and design and produce the system that was needed.