Catering Management


Ask yourself…

  1. Are you getting the best value for every dollar you spend on food stock & supplies? 
  2. Are you bogged down with paperwork trying to maximise your profitability? 
  3. Is finding the best value for supplies taking up too much of your valuable time?
  4. Are recipe costs updated as stock costs alter? 
  5. Are you receiving all the supplier refunds to which you are entitled?

Hospitality Genie is an easy-to-use catering management system that does all the work for you AND it does it in real time. 

You don’t have to be computer savvy to use Hospitality Genie – only your best priced or your preferred suppliers are entered into the system and the stock cost calculator does it all. 

Hospitality Genie is a foolproof system that centralises control of all of your suppliers, products and purchasing activity, whether you are a single or a multi-venue business.  

It imports the best value stock items at the time you do your order and ensures that you are receiving all the supplier refunds to which you are entitled. 

Kitchen Management

Kitchen Management

Create your own cookbooks with recipe cards that are costed by the Genie, then print them out so they are ready to hand. 

Maintain consistency in quality and portion control.

Genie links the best value for stock items to your menu items. The system will show you the food cost and gross profit per menu item and update as supplier prices change. This ensures that your menu prices reflect their actual costs and are never too high or too low, securing customer satisfaction. as supplier prices change. 

Hospitality Genie is a multi-functional system that will minimise your food costs, maximise your profits and improve customer satisfaction, giving you more time to focus on kitchen management.

There’s more – Hospitality Genie will also save you time and effort in maintaining OH&S compliance with its workflow module. This inclusive module is designed to assist you in managing the day-to-day kitchen tasks such as temperature checks and cleaning routines. 

Get all the information you need in real time to ensure your business is as profitable as it can be and know that you are up maintaining your compliance requirements. With Hospitality Genie you can be a step ahead of your competitors with the peace of mind that your profits are flowing in.  

Nutrition & Menu Management

Aged Care

Aged Care Genie:  With an estimated 1 in 2 people in aged care suffering from some degree of malnutrition (mostly preventable),  appropriate menu choices and consumption has never been so important.

Clinical systems for Aged Care are just that – “clinical systems”. They have never been designed from the bottom-up to accurately analyse the nutritional value of each meal, and certainly not to calculate the exact costs of each meal and the total Daily Food Cost for your residents. 

Any Aged Care organisation needs this financial information so as to ensure food costs are budgeted for, and managed professionally – with the ultimate aim of providing your residents with healthy, varied and nutritious meals that meet their individual requirements.

Aged Care Genie does all this and more, with a 28 Day Menu Planner which include your seasonal menus. 

The Menu Planner contains details of individual meals, with nutritional details and full costings of all ingredients used in each Menu Item 

Modules & Custom Design

modules custom designed

One of our key strengths at Hospitality Genie is that we’re able to customise and add  functionality to suit your operational requirements – after all, we’ve built Genie from the ground up.

We understand that your business enterprise has been established around your own specific set of operating procedures, which may need to be modified as the business grows.

While maintaining the core functionality of the Genie system, we can create NEW modules or modify existing functions in step with your business needs.